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Electric Guitar

Our mission is to provide musical instruments to people who are under resourced.

We kept this as simple as possible and have not limited it to just students because we see potential in many areas at many ages.

This didn't start overnight.  It wasn't an epiphany moment.  Next Gen Music Outreach came to be through a culmination of many forces, some good and some less so.

We all have had a lifelong love of music and and just want to share music instrument access with those who want it but can't afford it.

The Leadership Team currently consists of:

Dustin W. Gray - CEO

Dustin handles a variety of tasks at Gotcha Covered of Avon along with freelance work under the moniker Media Maul / Studio D.

David A. Miller, Managing Director

David is a retired USAF Captain and is currently the interim Executive Director of the Ashland CASA program.

Covie H. Gray, Managing Director

Covie is a vocalist & music education major in her third year at Capital University in Bexley, Ohio.

On the administrative side, our goal is to keep admin costs as tight as possible so we may maximize donation effectiveness.

Annual reports and compliance reports will be made available so we may have transparency in our business practices.

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