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What better gift, than music?

We are forging ahead at full steam on this project. is in its infancy but we'll nurture it together and bring more music to the world one student at a time.

We look forward to forming partnerships with everyone who loves music and wants to foster equity in music education.

The road ahead will not always be smooth, but every bump will be worth it when we hand out guitars, saxophones, trombones and whatever else we can get our grubby little paws on!

So dig out the instruments you have in the basement, attic or spare room and get ready!  We're very excited to have donation locations to announce soon!!  

In the mean time (until we announce an instrument donation location) please consider clicking the DONATE button below and give what you can.  Every little bit helps when we're refurbishing instruments!


When you click the "Donate" button you will be redirected to our GoFundMe Page.  Thank you for your support!!

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